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Do You Know!!!

Do you know, how exactly our earth has evolved? Most of us will reply scientifically, someone will go through the bundles of theories created by genius brains to gather information about the origin of earth, or someone will answer the question simply by spiritual ideology. We can’t completely reject or accept the mysterious answers. All facts stay on the earth, even if we vanished from the world. But one thing, the only one thing we have to understand is nothing but nothing is true. Let me come back to earth’s evolution. There are many theories; all theories are crafted by someone like us. Even though there were many deep hardships and sufferings, they produced all the theories within limited resources based on some assumptions. So we cannot fully trust those words.  We can clarify that by analyzing the true difference between laws and theories.                                 I am not a scientist, I am not an ideologist, I am an ordinary person lives in a rural area with rural thoug…
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Which one is the Best Operating System?

Hai guyz, Let's spend some time to vote here.... We can determine which Os is great. Also try to share your experiences as valuable comments.
You can VOTE HERE!!!

As per the polling..... Even though you can still vote. At present among the three operating systems, you can see windows gained more votes. Results are given below

WINDOWS - 79% votes (1st Most loved)
Linux - 14% votes (2nd)
Mac - 7% votes (3rd)

Let's talk about windows...

  .......coming soon......



The possibilities are endless, especially in a world completely loaded with technology. "Technology makes a man powerful" this is a fact at the same time true itself. Gaining knowledge is the most important step towards success in life. Within a view to providing some knowledge about the present technologies, SmartMobCorner established on 05-October-2015. Everyone can simply grasp knowledge from here, and also you can expect a unique presentation. Welcome.

Digitize India Platform

An initiative by the Government of India, which raises an opportunity for common people those who are looking for an extra income. By contributing snippets as a digital India contributor one can earn rewards for successful work that can be withdrawn to his/her bank account. We can categorize it to an online data entry job so everyone can do this even from home! by using mobile or computer with access to the internet. The work is simple as just typing displayed content on the screen. Basic computer knowledge is the only criteria needed for becoming a digital India contributor. You can earn according to the snippet(uploaded scanned content) availability. Just visit Digitize India Platform and click sign up. Before that make sure that you have a valid aadhar card Because DIP registration is only possible to citizens who have a UID(aadhar number) number that is linked with any of their bank accounts. PAN is not necessary at the time of registration but in future, if you want to redeem y…

Asus Zenfone Selfie

A most affordable and very efficient product from Asus. Good looking mobile with awesome features, with wide range of colors likely Aqua Blue, Pink, Wite. Released on August 2015. It has 3GB RAM and made with a strong non removable Li-Po3000 mAh battery. we can buy this product from Flipkart. Lets go detailed.
Android Version :                        Version 5.0 (Lollipop)
Released On :                              August 2015
Weight :                                        170g 
Memory & RAM:                          16/32GB & 2/3GB
Battery:                                        3000mAh
Display:                                        5.5 iches
Camera:                                       13MP Primary & 13MP Secondary
Network:                                     GSM/HSPA/LTE
SIM Type:                                    Dual Sim (Micro dual stand-by)
Chipset:                                       Qualcomm Snapdragon 615
CPU:                                             Quad-core 1.7 …

OTG Uses

OTG (On The Go) is a special feature that will help us in many forms if we are a regular Android user. It is one of the most popular and powerful ability of Android OS. There is a large number of tasks that we can do with OTG. It will help us a lot in time-saving, consider an example. If you want to transfer any files from your Pendrive to your Android device, you can simply connect Pendrive to your device using an OTG cable instead of the long way such that transferring the data to PC first then to the device. If you are aware of OTG transfer then you will not depend any mediators like computers to transfer your valuable data. As I mentioned earlier there are many things that can be done with the help of an OTG cable. (but before you have to check your device is capable or not for OTG Check) Let's go detailed.


We can use OTG cables to transfer files from Pendrive to our Android devices directly, since no need to mention but for completion just saying, vic…

Some Tips! & Tricks! (II)

All Birds find shelter during a rain. But Eagle avoids rain by flying above the Clouds.” - A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Like an eagle, we too have to fly high. Eagle can fly high only because of its confidence in its wings. That confidence is not earned simply, it is the result of continuous hard work and deep introspection. 
      To be successful we have to maximize our knowledge and skills. Try to gather knowledge without setting boundaries or any limits. Okay, Here you will get an opportunity to gain some knowledge, that will help you to increase your skills.    

* Tired of watching ads while playing a video on youtube? If yes, Then you can simply watch any videos without advertisements by just adding "skip" on end of the video URL then press enter. 

*Want to take a break from all the stress and want to use that time to relax effectively? Then I recommend listening to your favorite songs. Hearing a song will greatly influence in stress relief.

* You can use your earphone as a microphon…