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Some Tips! & Tricks!

Just spend few minutes to grasp some tricks, that will definitely change some of your daily activity, or you can feel the impact of tricks by yourself. Come let's get into the topic.

* If you want to download a youtube video, now we have a new beta app called YouTube Go, It is not yet released but we can access the app through Google play early access. Go ahead and download safely DOWNLOAD

If your battery is critically low and if you want to use it for later, then turn on flight mode instead of turning off your device, because it will use more power while turning off and switching on. Or you can put your phone in power saver mode.

While writing anything like articles, assignments, projects, etc. You can use a Google Chrome extension called "Grammarly" to make your sentence structurally placed and grammatically arranged, and submit your work confidently. ADD EXTENSION TO CHROME  

If you forgot the password that you have set on your computer, no need to worry at the same time no need to call a hardware technician. Yes, guys, you can change password yourself without any complications. To do that, you have to simply boot your PC in safe mode by pressing f8 during startup. Then you can change the password by login as the administrator.

We have to face a huge number of different kinds of situations in our day to day life. I am trying to spot an instance. If we are traveling to any non-native place, we may feel difficult in understanding the native language of that place. Most of us take language learning books, mobile loaded with language learning apps, etc with us. I strongly recommend, using Google Translate App instead of taking heavy books or any language learning applications, will surely make smart changes. DOWNLOAD     

Just a suggestion or a tip, you can accept or simply reject. According to my research, 95% of people using smartphones will set any security measures (like pattern lock, password lock, fingerprint lock) on their handsets. We should necessarily protect our personal data from an outside user. Like for everything, there is both positives and negatives in this system too. If suppose our lost phone reached a good man's hand, he will probably try to return it. But if we set these types of security measures he may fail in finding our important details such as name, address, phone number, etc that should be needed to return the device. As a solution for this problem, we can use wallpapers (we can make it simply by editing a photo), that contain our details. If we use our brain properly, we can lead a wonderful life without any sorrows.

Don't waste our valuable time by spending too much the same on social networking sites, just for entertainment. Try to put a limit for all your activities to make your life great. If you like to post something about you or interested in giving some knowledge to people as a hobby, then we can convert that into real money. Yes, guys, you can earn money by using your every instance of time properly. I will tell you the best technique for making money online. Are you curious to know about it? Did you searching everywhere to find it? If yes, Then you are interested in earning something that will fulfill your wish. No need to search it for a long time, because now it is in front of your eyes. Nothing but BLOGGING. Simple and better method to convert your time into money. Everyone with a unique power to handle language can enter into the world of blogging without any fear. Now it is very simple to create a blog. Just go to any free blog hosting sites and follow step by step instructions on there. I Recommend Some of the free blog hosting websites are given below, you can start with your own choice.





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