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Digitize India Platform

An initiative by the Government of India, which raises an opportunity for common people those who are looking for an extra income. By contributing snippets as a digital India contributor one can earn rewards for successful work that can be withdrawn to his/her bank account. We can categorize it to an online data entry job so everyone can do this even from home! by using mobile or computer with access to the internet. The work is simple as just typing displayed content on the screen. Basic computer knowledge is the only criteria needed for becoming a digital India contributor. You can earn according to the snippet(uploaded scanned content) availability.
Just visit Digitize India Platform and click sign up. Before that make sure that you have a valid aadhar card Because DIP registration is only possible to citizens who have a UID(aadhar number) number that is linked with any of their bank accounts. PAN is not necessary at the time of registration but in future, if you want to redeem your rewards PAN number is needed. If you have the above-mentioned items then proceed to registration. after registration, you can instantly start your work. No need to wait for approval or for any other complications, that is once your registration is finished, you can start earning. Go to the workspace and select the language then start contributing.
We can take a look at my dashboard
Snippet: The total count of snippets that I have digitalized.
Speed: My speed of completing work.
Accuracy: The average of correct snippets that I have contributed.
Character: The total number of characters that I have entered.

When going to the workspace page we can see like this.
 click load workspace and continue.
Enter the scanned document shown above at the loading space on the box.

sometimes you will get a message like this
don't get panic, it means currently snippets not available. Try on schedules 8:00 AM, 2:00 PM & 10:00 PM there is more chance for availability.

Let's move to the Reward page
There we can see the rewards as total earned, redeemed, donated, then balance.
I requested for redeem 3 times. Got two times into bank. Getting lag at the third time, hoping it will reach soon. Conversion is 1 Reward point = 2 paisa. So if I redeem 5000 points I will get 100 rupees. If you wish you can donate too, That will help in the growth of our country. As you can see I got a total amount of Rs 257.5/- Everyone can trust this initiative if you have trust in our government. Don't expect too much from it, if you work you will earn according to my experience the maximum amount that I have earned in a day is Rs 30/- by spending 2 or more hours. Sometimes we will not get snippets so we can't work. So regular income is not guaranteed.
contributors are increasing day by day since scarcity for documents will increase too. If it goes like this authors may limit contributors by closing registration. So try to get started as soon as you can. Fully free of any kinds of hidden fees or investments.





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