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The possibilities are endless, especially in a world completely loaded with technology. "Technology makes a man powerful" this is a fact at the same time true itself. Gaining knowledge is the most important step towards success in life. Within a view to providing some knowledge about the present technologies, SmartMobCorner established on 05-October-2015. Everyone can simply grasp knowledge from here, and also you can expect a unique presentation. Welcome.


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Google Opinion Rewards

Would you like to earn? I think, no one will say 'NO' because everyone likes to earn something. Earn something?.. what is that?. I am coming straight, why because I know you are very curious to know about.... Before going to our subject I would like to say, that this is not earned free, like others I am not attempting to say "EARN FREE REWARDS" because you will get paid only

through your contribution. Ultimately if you work, you will earn. By completing surveys provided by Google using our Android device, we can earn GOOGLE PLAY CREDITS, we can use this credits to purchase different kinds of items like Games, Apps, Movies, Songs, Books from Google play. To do that we have to install an app called Google Rewards on our Android device. Just, as usual, go to play store and type GOOGLE OPINION REWARDS then click install, or you can use the link provided at the end of the article. Then open the app, provide your personal information correctly (like Name, Address, Gender,…

Which one is the Best Operating System?

Hai guyz, Let's spend some time to vote here.... We can determine which Os is great. Also try to share your experiences as valuable comments.
You can VOTE HERE!!!

As per the polling..... Even though you can still vote. At present among the three operating systems, you can see windows gained more votes. Results are given below

WINDOWS - 79% votes (1st Most loved)
Linux - 14% votes (2nd)
Mac - 7% votes (3rd)

Let's talk about windows...

  .......coming soon......

Some Tips! & Tricks!

Just spend few minutes to grasp some tricks, that will definitely change some of your daily activity, or you can feel the impact of tricks by yourself. Come let's get into the topic.

* If you want to download a youtube video, now we have a new beta app called YouTube Go, It is not yet released but we can access the app through Google play early access. Go ahead and download safely DOWNLOAD

If your battery is critically low and if you want to use it for later, then turn on flight mode instead of turning off your device, because it will use more power while turning off and switching on. Or you can put your phone in power saver mode.

While writing anything like articles, assignments, projects, etc. You can use a Google Chrome extension called "Grammarly" to make your sentence structurally placed and grammatically arranged, and submit your work confidently. ADD EXTENSION TO CHROME

If you forgot the password that you have set on your computer, no need to worry at the same …