How to Install Android on Your PC [Using Emulators]

Although, i think most of us is not familiar with the word emulators. What is the definition of emulators? firstly we have to go through it. An "Emulator is a hardware or software that enables one operating system to behave like another operating system". Is that complicated? No of course not, yes guyz we can convert our computer into android mobile using emulators. It is not a magic, but just a software. We can install android OS on our computers, but it is a complicated task. Using Emulators instead of installing OS (directly) will help us. It is very simple, no risks and no fear from boot menu. We can download Android emulators from internet(free/paid), after download just install it, we are done! ready to use. We are discussing about Top Seven android emulators.


One of the most famous Emulator. It has many features implemented by De Facto Solutions. BlueStacks was founded in 2011 to push the boundaries of mobile eco-system. Today more that 130 million people around the world has been using the app player made up of patent Layercake Technology (enables even the most graphic-intensive games to run smoothly on pc). People around the world already getting full screen enjoyment from top apps like whats app and clash of clans. It supports multitasking apps and has built in functionality for things like location & shaking screen.

You can download the app from here DOWNLOAD


An another top Emulator, For much of 2011 and into early 2012 the founders of Andy thought and talked a great deal about what would be a truly compelling product for the person of today, the person who uses multiple mobile devices and spends many hours at work and home on a desktop. With a cluttered mobile app market and minimal app innovation for the desktop, the discussion kept coming back to the OS as a central point for all computing, and how the OS itself could be transformational. And from that conclusion Andy was born. The open OS that became Andy would allow developers and users to enjoy more robust apps, to experience them in multiple device environments, and to stop being constrained by the limits of device storage, screen size or separate OS.
Their Mission Statement:– To better connect the PC and Mobile computing experience
– At Andy we strive to create a stronger connection between a person’s mobile and desktop life. We believe you should always have the latest Android OS running without the necessity of a manual update, that you should be able to download an app on your PC and automatically have access to it on your phone or tablet, and that you should be able to play your favorite games whether sitting on the train to work or in the comfort of your living room.

You can Download from here DOWNLOAD


The operating system for Droid4X is based on Android 4.2.2 which you can for almost any app that you are using in android. This operating system is one of the most widely used operating system out thereDroid4X is a simple-to-use program which allows you to have a virtual Android desktop on your computer while providing access to the Google Play store and all of the content associated with it. There is lots of facilities like gps,wifi.. etc It emulates ARM Processor, because of the powerful processor we can guarantee that there will not be any performance issues while playing or doing heavy tasks. Droid4X is powered by virtual box.

You can Download from here DOWNLOAD


An another top software actually for coding, but we can use this as an emulator too. Google approved software, Android studio provides the fastest tool for building apps on every type of android device. The Android Emulator is fast, powerful, and feature-rich. It can transfer information faster than using a connected hardware device, speeding up the development process. The multi-core feature lets the emulator take advantage of multiple core processors on your development computer to improve emulator performance even more.The Android Emulator supports most features of a device, but doesn't include virtual hardware for WiFi ,Bluetooth, NFC ,SD card insert/eject, Device-attached headphones, USB
You can download Android studio from here DOWNLOAD


AMIDuOS is a software from American Megatrends. It's as simple as one, two, three: Download, Install & Run!. AMIDuOS is a revolutionary new concept that brings the functionality, depth and fun of the Android experience to Microsoft® Windows devices. It runs on nearly any Windows 7,8 or 10 PC or tablet device for fast, easy switching between Windows and Android environments - without the need to dual boot! AMIDuOS is nothing less than the full Android experience, with all the features that the latest version of the popular mobile operating system has to offer. It runs fast, looks crisp and sharp and performs with no limitations – because it is 100% native Android running on your Windows hardware!. AMIDuOS can run nearly all of the Android applications available in Android app markets. To get you started, it comes with preloaded Amazon Appstore. To make AMIDuOS your own, simply add your favorite Android app markets with the AMIDuOS package installer. AMIDuOS is also ARM v7 compatible, so it can run most popular ARM applications as well.AMIDuOS supports 3D acceleration, so you can enjoy a superior Android gaming experience in Windows. It uses Windows OpenGL drivers for improved frame rates to support even the most graphics-intensive games. Applications run mainly in the native x86-mode to provide peak performance, while ARM emulation is only performed on as-needed basis. This helps AMIDuOS to save power and extend battery life to the fullest. File sharing between Windows and Android is also supported in AMIDuOS, so you can share pictures, videos and music between both OS modes with ease. AMIDuOS also supports SD card emulation and allows you to configure the SD card size with an easy-to-use configuration tool. While AMIDuOS leverages device drivers from Windows™ to enable near-native performance in Android, it also supports key peripherals and sensors of the Windows hardware, including high-definition cameras, audio and microphone. Sensor support includes Ambient Light, Accelerometer, Gyrometer, Compass and Orientation - giving you the full Android tablet/mobile experience.

You can download from here DOWNLOAD


KOPLAYER is a new software that will help you to install android apps on pc. Although it is designed for gaming, key mapping facility will help a lot in assigning proper keys instead of touch, so that we can control and access the content easily using keyboard. Also it is capable of recording game plays.

You can download from here DOWNLOAD    


Another Emulator supports in both of the Intel and AMD processors.Emulator it supports Android JellyBean, KitKat, and Lollipop. You can even do multitasking (we can use more than one app or can perform more than one action simultaneously). That makes it one of the few emulators that goes as high as Lollipop. Like many, you can use this for pretty much whatever you want. It will support most games and most apps. It is free to download.

 You can download from here DOWNLOAD



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