The Effects of Technology on Earth [Something you must know on this earth day]

On this earth day, we are going to see the effects of technology on earth. Do you know, how exactly our earth has evolved? Most of us will reply scientifically, someone will go through the bundles of theories created by genius brains to gather information about the origin of the earth, or someone will answer the question simply by spiritual ideology. 


We can’t completely reject or accept the mysterious answers. All facts stay on the earth, even if we vanished from the world. But one thing, the only one thing we have to understand is nothing but nothing is true. Let me come back to earth’s evolution. There are many theories; all theories are crafted by someone like us. Even though there were many deep hardships and sufferings, they produced all the theories within limited resources based on some assumptions. So we cannot fully trust those words. 

 We can clarify that by analyzing the true difference between laws and theories. I am not a scientist, I am not an ideologist, I am an ordinary person lives in a rural area with rural thoughts. Within all the limitations, sometimes I will get some energy from an unknown power source to interact with you like this. Okay…  what we have said..? Yes! Our earth. We can’t imagine, we can’t trust others words and we can’t define the mysterious fact about the evolution. Cannot Cannot Cannot why these three joined together? What is their role here? The role is gained from a simple thought that, we human beings has no practical experience about the big thing that we termed as evolution. Anyone saw the process? You or your ancestors were present in the world at the time when the evolution took place? 

No, no one wasn’t here. Then how can we trust whole big, simple, complex, unique wide varieties of theories? Okay, there is a chance, for a question now. The earth has oxygen, we human beings, not only human beings, all other creatures except anaerobic organisms need oxygen to strive. Can you see oxygen? If no, then how can you believe that oxygen is there on earth or will you say THE EARTH IS OXYGEN FREE??? If I heard any questions like this, my answer will be quite simple, I will not attempt for a debate… that about there is no oxygen on earth. Why, because l knows oxygen is present on earth, that belief is gained from the sense of experiencing. Yes, I am also experiencing the thing that we call oxygen in every single second when I inhale and exhale. At the same time, I can’t say that my eyesight and others eyesight is all the same. It needs not to be the same. When I see an object on my eyesight and when you see the same with yours… mmm.. There are chances for a difference. Let’s leave the topic..
Why , why these topics arose in a technical place like this. That will be surely in your minds now. There are some reason guys, I am coming straight. We don’t know anything clearly about the evolution of our present habitat, even if our technological inventions are shining all together at the top of the horizon like a star, all the things that we have in our hands is some assumptions only. If you are a deep technological addict like me, you may don’t like, my preceding thoughts, even though my eyes are also expecting with excitement for future bright technologies, I am compelled by my mind to go through my thoughts.

                                I have a wish that, we human beings must be here on the earth for a long time, if it happens…. We should be here to watch that end…. Of the earth. Just for beating the shame that we got from being unaware of the evolution. And also to increase our pride slightly by witnessing the earth’s end. We should invent something to survive on the land. Or we have to find another world that is hospitable like our precious earth. If human exploitation goes like this, the earth becomes unkind to us. Just like the same that our attitude towards earth.

                                Now everyone of us is badly influenced by lots of things. Our inventions or the invention by our ancestors gifted us a wonderful place to live. The technology is booming far beyond our expectations maybe that will be the key to unlock a door for an easy, busy, lazy life. Our lives are changing day by day. Sometimes we often feel that we don't have enough time even for thinking. Now in front of the world, we can say, we are the most intelligent species than every other with pride and privilege, but how long.. How long these words survive? We don't know.

I am not attempting to say that earth is going to stop its rotation within 500 years, but if it goes like this, if destroying nature for luxury means never ever stopped.. Yes, then we will get an easy shortcut to that big venue, what will be that? Yes, the end of the earth.

We need technology, we need improvements in living, we need an extra super cool life with a comfort mind. Also, we need… we need something to hold our legs. We have to invent more, we have to enjoy our lives, but without harming the earth. To preserve the precious stone we have to take responsibilities. We should teach our coming generations about human responsibilities. We have to find some time to engage with our family, equally with our nature.        

 Okay, I think you just gained something at least for a thought at bedtime. Okay guys, I will be back with my new videos/articles. Stay tuned, be kind, and be blessed. Good bye 


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