How To Create An Attractive Website For Free And Earn Money Using Blogger PART ONE!

It will be always nice if we can earn money by doing our passion. Firstly we have to know, 

>What is a website?

>How can we earn money through a website?

Okay, i will clear all your doubts and we can proceed further. A website is nothing but where you are reading this article now. Yes, this is a perfect example of a website. By simple definition "A website is a collection of web pages located under a single domain name" Here on this website you can see many web pages like HOME, ABOUT, PRIVACY POLICIES, APPS etc.. All are examples of web pages and are located under a single domain name(a part of particular network which identifies it as belonging to a particular domain) called smartmobcorner.com. It's now clear that what a website is. Okay, let's move to the second question. We can earn money if we have a quality website with satisfactory traffic in different ways such as by ads, affiliate marketing..etc... The commonly used way is putting ads on the website. There are lots of services which provides ads to publishers. some of them are Adsense, Adchoice, Bidvertiser.. etc.. You can see examples of Adsense advertisements here on this site itself. 
The advertisement shown above is provided by Google, this will generate income. We can discuss setting ads and affiliate marketing later.

Okay, let's get to our task.

Even though there are lots of web hosting sites like Blogger, WordPress, Wix, GoDaddy we can use blogger. It is simple and powerful. There are lot's of inbuilt templates as well as we can use custom templates. Visit blogger https://www.blogger.com

Click on sign in and enter into the world of blogging. let's proceed, Select profile weather google+ or blogger, it's completely up to you. After that, you will get a window like this.

Click on create new blog let's see the surprise ;)

Okay Now click on which template do you like most. As you can see you can browse many themes and customize your blog later. Then select Create Blog!

Yes, you have created your blog! now time to make changes to the layout, add necessary gadgets and post your first article. Okay click on layout, arrange it how you want to display the website with others. One important thing is that your website is visible to world wide web now that is anyone around the world can spot your website with their fingertips. Click add a gadget and click on more gadgets then add a contact form. It is always good to hear from readers. There you can find many other useful gadgets too. Add more and try to give a professional look to your website. Don't be upset because of the basic inbuilt layouts and themes, we can upload custom layout no matter whether you are a programmer or not. Okay, let's discuss custom themes and setting up of affiliate markets, advertisement, domain names etc.. on upcoming posts. Stay connected... 

How To Create An Attractive Website For Free And Earn Money Using Blogger PART TWO!


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