How To Create An Attractive Website For Free And Earn Money Using Blogger PART TWO!

Okay, we have created a blog, if you didn't read part one click here How To Create An Attractive Website For Free And Earn Money Using Blogger PART ONE! Here in this part, we will go through uploading a custom theme to make our blog more attractive (attractive in the sense of all means especially providing professional look). It is true that the inbuilt themes are too simple with fewer features (space for providing ads, gadgets and so on). Because of these big problems the necessity for uploading custom theme came into the picture. It is good to upload custom theme at starting than after many years of creation, Because we may have to update our entire posts according to the present theme. If someone has less than 100 posts certainly it will not be a big burden, but think of a person who has posted more than 1000 contents...! think yourself how much time he/she will have to spend to update one by one. That's why I recommend doing that at the beginning. If you are a newbie then you are lucky. Okay I think we can get into our task right now  

If you know HTML and CSS, then you can create your own theme with your own ideas. It's entirely up to you. If you don't or you know little basics and don't have enough knowledge to create an entire theme for a website like me, Then no need to be worried, there we can see many helping hands at the Internet. There are lots of websites which provides themes for blogger, absolutely for free(but we may have to provide their attribute at footer). Paid themes are also available. Here I am going to lead you to a website called Templatesyard (https://www.templatesyard.com) Click the above link and enter into the world of templates. Choose the perfect theme that will best fit your website. Okay, then you will get something like this.

If you are ready to spend money then, it will be better, you will get all the additional benefits. Or if you can't, then click on free download. After downloading locate the files. There you will find many files. Search for The file with XML extension, it is the main file that we are gonna use. Okay, come back to blogger, go to Theme on the left side menu. There you will see the present theme of your website. Yes TIME FOR A CHANGE! Okay, at the top right corner you can see Backup/Restore as shown below.

Click on it and click on choose file from the window. Shown below

Select the XML file and click upload, it will take some time to upload and to make changes on the website. When it finishes, then visit your website and be surprised ;). Hhhooo!! what happened to your website?? where is your title?? It is completely changed, isn't it?? No need to worry. We can customize everything from the layout section. Take layout and set everything. Make pages and connect them with menu buttons, It is always good to have a privacy policy page, in order to make the site more professional. You can create a privacy policy for your site from PrivacyPolicies.com generatorYou should add Home, About and Contact pages. Post regularly. All set.  

My experience: "I have been using inbuilt blogger theme for last 2 years, and applied many times for Adsense. The final result was always in the form of a mail with subject YOUR APPLICATION HAS REJECTED. At last, I planned to quit my dreams, and put my website for sale at GoDaddy. In order to make my site attractive with a view to sell, I have decided to change its style I found Templatesyard and downloaded a theme from it, then applied to my site. As a final try re applied for adsense with less than 5% hope in my mind. But... YES, IT HAPPENED, as like a new year gift, at last Google accepted my application".  

Always keep in mind that, all your site's growth depends ultimately on your content. If you have a unique quality content, with a satisfactory presentation and if you have a dedicated mind to spare some time, you too can be a well-known blogger. 
Okay, I will be back with third part of "How To Create An Attractive Website For Free And Earn Money Using Blogger"  as soon as I can with some details about affiliate marketing and Advertisements. Stay Tuned.

How To Create An Attractive Website For Free And Earn Money Using Blogger! [PART THREE]


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