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Saturday, 20 January 2018

WhatsApp Has Released A Separate Platform For Business Organisations Called "WhatsApp Business"!

WhatsApp messenger has a major role in today's 80% of business activities in India, so as to enhance its performance by connecting clients and organisations in a pretty unique manner, WhatsApp Business has released on January 18, 2018. It is not yet available in India, but we can expect it within a week. It is sure that WhatsApp Business will create a huge, simpler platform by making it easier for business to respond to customers, separating customer and personal messages with more advanced convenient features for its 1.3 billion users to chat with organisations that matter to them. WhatsApp Business is loaded with many useful features, such as:

 Will help clients/customers with important information such as business description, email or store address, and website.

 There are messaging tools like Quick Replies (Helps the users by providing quick answers for regularly asked questions), Greeting Messages (To great customers in a well established professional manner quickly), Away Messages (That let customers know you are busy).

 WhatsApp web support (One can manage WhatsApp Business from their desktops).

 Landline Support (Can use landline number in WhatApp Business account - but we should mention verification call instead of message). 

 Absolutely free to download (from google play store) and use without any restrictions.

 Can use WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on the same device simultaneously.

For users, some features like report junk and ability to block organisations makes full control over the information they receive. WhatsApp Business is available from release date on wards, and it is free to download from google play in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, UK, and US. The app will be available soon in other countries, and in India.

Sincerely, we can't predict how much will it influence the future business activities. From Playstore feedback as of now, when compared to WhatsApp messenger It is not satisfactory. 
let's hope for a change from this situation after launching in other countries. No doubt at all that, WhatsApp will surely care users very well, so in upcoming updates it will be more flexible. 

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