How To Create An Attractive Website For Free And Earn Money Using Blogger! [PART THREE]

In previous parts of the titled article "How to create an attractive website and earn money using blogger"  we have seen how to create a website and how one can make it looks professional and attractive by adding custom theme. Make sure you have read Part 1 & Part 2 before getting to this article. 

As I have mentioned in Part 2 here in this part we are gonna see how one can be able to make money with adsense by doing their passion... Approval is the primary & most important step to be achieved. Once you got adsense approval then certainly you will rock. But the fact is, getting approved to show ads on your website is not an easy task. lots of applications are rejecting day by day.

I am not attempting to discourage you. Even though it is a tough task, you can make it simpler through dedication and hard work. There are some key things that you should do on your blog before submitting an application in adsense. Don't worry! you did something to achieve this, if you are here after the second part (How To Create An Attractive Website For Free And Earn Money Using Blogger PART TWO!)

We have changed the in built theme to a custom theme na? We have included About, Contact, Privacy Policy and Feedback pages isn't? Okay that's simple is the most important step to make your blog professional. 

Then try to focus on your content. Each and every articles should be original and written with a satisfactory presentation level. All this will help you in making your blog reader friendly and popular among readers.  

It is true that adsense will consider traffic too. Think if you have ads displayed on your site and there are no one to see or click it, then how will the mechanism work? So you should try to rank high in google to draw more people(Organic means) by doing search engine optimisation(SEO). Leave it for now. We shall discuss detailed about SEO on upcoming articles. 

Didn't bought a custom domain yet? If not, hurry up! buy a domain and setup on your website. Okay let's see how to do that. I recommend GoDaddy for buying your desired domain.

Let's do it step by step.


Go to GoDaddy Official website and search for your desired domain and buy it after creating an account in GoDaddy.


Come back to blogger. Go to settings > Basic. As you can see on the below image.

click on Add custom domain option.


Then type your domain name that you have bought from GoDaddy and click save. After that you will get something like this. 


Okay, time to swap to GoDaddy TAB. In your account, click on manage domain option and get into DSN ZONE FILE. Then click at add record... you will get a box to fill values like shown below.

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