How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages!

In every walk of life, WhatsApp has a great impact on society. It is considered as the most popular messenger App. People use WhatsApp for various needs, like professional, entertainment, research etc... So, the data concerned with every WhatsApp account may very important for the users. This article "how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages" will help you to protect and restore your important Data.

First of all, you should understand that prevention is better than cure. So we should make a proper backup regularly. If you didn't setup backup for your valuable data, then how you will be able to recover the same? So the precaution that you should take before losing your data is nothing but just make a backup regularly. some of us are totally unaware of the feature called back up on WhatsApp. We will go through everything and will try to make all crystal clear.


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Okay, you are here to back up data, right? You are somewhat lucky because of the inbuilt auto back up feature of WhatsApp, but if you disabled it, then the scope for gain your data back is very narrow. To check whether you are lucky or not just go to Settings> Chats> Chat Backup at google drive settings you will see Back up to google drive there you can choose preference as Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Only when I tap "Back Up" and Never. These options determine that your data is safe or not. I prefer to set that weekly. Okay, we are again leaving from the topic. Yes! like I said if you choose never option, sorry to say that there are no ways to recover your data. Else there are chances.

You can restore your unexpectedly deleted messages by following steps (Only possible if you have done proper backup) 


Uninstall your WhatsApp from your device / Clear data from App info


Reinstall It from Play Store / open again 


There you will be able to see Restore data option at the time of startup. Click on Restore. 

Task Completed!

There are few more methods like storing a backup on your computer and retrieving whenever needed. For that, you have to download an application for PC called Android Data Recovery You should follow the instructions to install it. After that enable USB debugging on your device and connect it through a USB cable. Then try to backup all your important data from your mini device regularly.

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