My Experience Of Being an Amazon Customer!

We all know that amazon is one of the best company among today's leading E-Commerce platforms. Today I am gonna share my experience of being an Amazon customer! By reading this article you will get a clearer picture of Amazon about how they maintain strong SAC relationship. 

Don't get panic by hearing an unknown thing called SAC relationship, it is nothing but Seller-Amazon-Customer relationship. I am getting into the topic straightI found Terabyte 2 in one external hard drive case on Amazon. Ordered it on the site with a view to backup data from my hard drive of an old unexpectedly damaged PC. Just as usual it has arrived within 5 days. The packing was average,

I unboxed it and tested by using SATA 3.5 hard drive. I found that the product that I got from Amazon was defective, I heard some sounds while I shook it. Checked thrice by connecting through different methods, but nothing happened. At last, I planned to return the same to Amazon. Packed neatly and send that back via post. After that, I rated the seller with one star for wasting my time, then wrote everything that had happened sincerely. 

didn't get any refund even after the product has reached the destination. Just waited one more day, but refund didn't reflect at my bank. I have decided to communicate with the Amazon customer service via email, I was always getting a mail like this when I attempted to do so...

Tried a lot always the same as above. The mail was the same that was on Amazon account if it not then how can I log in? I become worried and suddenly went to Amazon online customer care team, I found someone called...... Hho sorry I don't remember his name now. Told everything in detailed and, He asked my receipt number and within no time I got "Your refund approved" mail. And also he gave 94 rupees in amazon wallet as a travel and postage expense on the spot. After 2 days, Full refund credited and reflected in my bank.

The story isn't over!! We are just going to enter into it. All after the above-mentioned events, I had started receiving a mail from the seller. Like this!

This was like a routine, I will get a mail from the seller almost all those days. I didn't care them at first. But the condition becomes worse 😉 look at the below mail.
This mail captured my attention! I thought "Do one rating can have this much effect?" Then I decided to contact the seller directly. Got whats app number from the mail, and leave him a message "Your business has stopped because of my negative feedback?". His reply was "Yes sir I am stuck". Then he requested me to remove the feedback. I wrote " Please note: The delivered courier refused to take back the product, So I reached another courier company by traveling 15KM away from my house. They too refused to take back, and 3 more courier services did the same. Then finally I booked through post office... These process took more than 5 hours. Even now I am ready to co-operate with, you if you can send the best quality item for one-week credit basis so that only you will improve your quality division." After some talks he said, he is ready to send me 2 qty as a gift, if I agree to remove. Then I agreed.

What do you think, will he send or not? Before that look at some screenshots of our WhatsApp conversation. 

Now, what do you think? Okay!! Without a cover, I am going to say the truth. Guys... I GOT 2 pcs of Terabyte 2 in one external hard drive case without spending a penny, completely for free. I was really worried to open the box 😉 because this was my first experience. When I opened..... I found two pcs.

Both of the products are working properly. I thought how lucky am I, at the same time, how better is Amazon's customer service. They are caring even a single person effectively, definitely the same will be one of the main reason for their sudden hike in today's E - World. 

Do you think the story ends here? Even though it looks like an end... But really the fact is... It doesn't!! After some days I got a message on my phone as shown below. 

I understood the meaning of the message, but the most common highlighted questions were on my mind at that time was "For what? They had lost all their sense?" I don't know why they planned to do so. Look.. how much I got from a single return (94+100+ cost of two pcs around 1400 = 1594 excluding the refund of 700) So Rs 1594/- Net profit. 😅 

This article is not written to encourage fake and unwanted returns. The prime objective is to show mind-blowing customer caring service of Amazon (The e-commerce king). Amazon is 100% safe & secure. As a concluding sentence "It is always better to choose one of the reputed virtual shops instead of a physical one".

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