4G Network on Moon!

Yes, some forces are really trying to kick out us from the earth 😖 Nowadays people especially youths may survive without eating anything, but they can't if they don't have internet access. So that much important is the virtual wonder world today. The wonder 4G Network on Moon will be made available from the next year(2019) onwards, after 50 years when a human being first landed there.

Why I mentioned "some forces are trying to kick out us from the earth" did you feel anything unusual? you may! Think if we have everything to sustain in a place then we may think it is good to live there! The increase in population, Deforestation, Destruction, pollution, Non-availability of basic needed resources and all the other factors against sustainable development making problems for the large mass of people to strive on the only hospitable planet named earth.

So making advancement in the field of planetary/space research will always bring good.

With the joined efforts of Britain Telecom company, Vodafone & Nokia made this wonder possible. 4G network on moon will be expected to implement on the next year with an expected expense of 5 crore US dollars. The intervention of popular car manufacturer company, Audi as a technical partner will definitely do something good. 

Jerman scientists will invent a small network device and launch it to the moon soon. Vodafone aims to stream HD video from the surface of the moon first time by using Vodafone network. 

Does 4G is available in all parts of the earth? No, it is not! But we have it, where we want it, that's it 😆 isn't it? Okay! so discouraging someone or something is not a good deal. We all need improvements in living so we should need innovative ideas with powerful people those who can make it possible... Research & Development will be always for good! And this "4G Network On Moon" should be admired.

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