Digitize India Platform is Under Maintenance!

Good News! Digitize India Platform is Back!!! See the article

Digitize India Platform may definitely rock after this system upgradation. People those who try to sign in will get a page mentioned: "Digitize India Platform is Under Maintenance". And the same surely generates a hope among the pears those who are tired with a message "Snippets has been exhausted".

You may have some questions. Let's see can we hunt the answers.

👉 What will be the new features after this maintenance break?

👉 Will this update cure "Snippet has been exhausted" issue?

👉 How long it takes to update the system? 

👉 Can I redeem my reward points now?

The above-mentioned questions are somewhat more precious, why because the answers aren't disclosed officially.

So attempting to answer something with zero official support from the initiative is really challenging. The only asset I have is 1-year experience as a Digital India Contributor. So my answers will be based on the factors like experience, assumptions, and common sense 😉. So telling once more, "The answers aren't disclosed by Digitize India Platform Officially. All are based on some assumptions from an experienced person."

Assumed Answers!

👉 There are chances for changes: Digitize India Platform is a big initiative with 509449 contributors so far. So increase in traffic causes bandwidth related issues and it leads to slowness while working a huge mass of people simultaneously on the website. This update may be for bandwidth increase to cope with increasing traffic. 

There are chances for changes in the appearance too. In order to make the site more attractive, the developers may consider improvements in appearance. May include more features like real-time reward counter.

Payment processing may become faster. Now a user has to wait more than 3 months to reflect their hard earned money in their account after requesting. So let's pray to include fast processing payment system in this update. 

There is a lot to improve on the site, let's see an example from the present sign in page.
Even though Digitize India empowers Indian Citizens, do you think this word spelled correctly? I am not saying that the whole site is filled with such bung of wrong spelled words, but definitely, DIP needs more qualified employees with proper mechanisms to avoid such bad impressions. And for the same, an update in each and every corner is needed.

👉 The answer to the second question: This update may not solve snippet has been exhausted issue. Firstly you have to understand why this issue frequently arises there. The message simply indicates there are no more documents to digitize presently. Digitize India platform uploads only limited documents a day, so when the contributors finish all the uploaded tasks then, there won't be more to work on. So you may face "snippet has been exhausted" issue again.

👉 The time needed to finish update isn't clarified yet. But you can expect it will be updated soon. 

👉You can't withdraw your balance points during upgradation. How will you do that, even if you can't sign in to your account? So be patient. After the updating process, you can redeem.  

Okay here ends the assumptions. DIGITIZE INDIA PLATFORM WILL BE BACK SOON.

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