How to Generate Drinking Water from Air [EcoloBlue]

Well, we know that water is present in the atmospheric air with other particles and getting the same in the form of rain by the joined efforts of evaporation, condensation & so more. As we know water evaporates from the surface of the earth and it stores as clouds, returns back to the surface as rain by condensation. 

There is nothing big in it, am right? We are aware of the mechanism since childhood. Okay, I am not attempting to dig deeper into such things. 

Let's face some questions now.

👉Have you ever thought why we need rain as well as well if there is water in the air? 

👉Then, is it possible to squeeze water from the air?


👉If so will it be drinkable/pure since the air is polluted and contains so many harmful substances? 

Fortunately, we have solutions for all questions. I am eager to answer too. If we can squeeze water from vacant(in the sense of vision) space, what we need more to consider it as a mindblowing magic?

Not yet answered the second question. What do you think, is it possible? If you believe it is not. Then let me correct you. "It is possible to squeeze water from the atmosphere by using Atmospheric Water Generator Designed by EcoloBlue."

Definitely, it isn't a simple task. frequent researches and dedicated efforts made this wonder possible & EcoloBlue become succeeded in inventing such precious machines. The answer to the third & fourth questions cannot be explained in a line or with a sentence. 

EcoloBlue Water Generators intake a large amount of air with the help of its powerful fan and minimizes impurities by using electrostatic air filters. It is a Thermo-Humidity driven appliance, so the ability to produce water ultimately depends on the level of these two factors.

Air flows through a set of the condenser coil after filtering by the electrostatic air filter. These coils help in condensation [vapor - liquid]. Then the water squeezed from the air with impurities and microorganisms get stored in the bottom tank. There is a filter on the bottom tank that helps in removing ammonia, chlorine, residues and other unwanted organic components. Other microparticles will get removed while pumping through funnel filters before reaching the water pump. After all these processes it will gift pure drinkable water.

EcoloBlue Water Generators can Generate up to 30 liters of water per day. feeling crazy? no need to be... it is true. Already feeling that we are in a dream & now it is really getting very hot. Price range is really affordable $799 - $1499. 

As a final sentence we could relate scientific advancement with wonder " Increase in Wonders directly propotional to Increase in Scientific progress + Dedicated efforts."

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