How To SIGN IN To Google Account Without Password [Using Your Mobile]

Signing in without a password? here we will see How To SIGN IN To Google  Account Without Password... so does it mean anyone can access or get into someones account even without a password? I am really feared!!! aren't you? let's move on!

What do you think? is it something capable of generating fear among the pears those who use google account/accounts? I think it will, till we came to know about the feature clearly. Okay, let's get to the topic straight. 

Like mentioned on the heading, you can use your mobile for signing in to any of your Google accounts from PC without typing the password. For that, the only requirement is:  you need your account signed in on your mini device. 

How will it work?

Simply get into the sign in page from your PC and type/choose your Gmail address. Then you will see "Do you have your phone?" Google will send a verification to verify it's you. after accepting verification by opting the option 'YES' you could log in to your own Google account. Simple? then let's see how to set it up.

How to set up "Use your phone to sign in"

Okay, just follow the steps.

👉 Sign in to your account.

👉 Go to My Account.

👉 Click on Sign in & Security.

👉 Scroll down & find "Tired of typing passwords? Try using your phone to sign in.

👉 Then click on "Get started".

👉 Click Set it up.

👉 Confirm your identity by typing your password once again.

👉 If you aren't signed in on a phone then add your account to it. 

👉 If you have the account on your phone then skip the above step. Now you can see your phone, phone's security status, and recovery details. Click Next after verifying. 

👉 Confirm your email address once again then click on Next.

👉 Now you will get a prompt to verify your identity on your phone. Just click on Yes. 

That's it. You are successfully logged in to your account without the password.

We have seen How to SIGN IN to Google  Account without password. Yeah, definitely it is some sort of easy way. But our privacy & security is still of concern. If someone got our phone then they can easily misuse, If our mobile is well protected then no issues. One line as a conclusion:

Although "IT IS OKAY."

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