How to Create an Android App of Your Own-Without Coding

In this article, we will go through a simple guide on how to create an android app of your own without coding. The entire world is under the process of complete transformation after the invention of the Internet. We'd sometimes feel that the human population is migrating from their physical world to the virtual one. We'd really like to stick in it. The involvement of people on the internet is increasing considerably, That's why you are too here and reading this 😉. 

The thing considered next is the communication devices which are used to get into the virtual world or a portal that opens to a wonderland flourished with an immense amount of processed data that is termed as information. Nowadays even if everyone has PC/Laptop most among will prefer using their mini smart devices. Among those the most popular platform is... is... yes!!! you are correct Google's Android. So more people are using Android means there are more opportunities to be exploited.    

Getting straight to karma, do you want to create an Android App? and you know how to code to build an Android app? If yes then get out and stop reading this article and use the time to code the App in Android studio😝 (just kidding!). This guide is for those who don't know how to code and even don't know the basis of any of the programming languages ever known. It doesn't mean this guide is not for a person with knowledge in App development, they too can go through and can make use of the technology to the maximum to minimize time consumption.

For building Android apps there are lots of online tools out there. I have selected the best among them called appypie.com for you. The unique ability that beats other competitors of appypie is their simplicity. The simple visual tools that are available on their online software will help you to create a number of apps without even viewing the coding on the backend. 

Okay Let's go through the steps

  • You will get a page like this! Interesting!!! isn't it? yeah... then type your Application Name and click on next.
  • Select the appropriate category that you wish to start with from the large list.
  • After selecting use a design that best fits your App. 
  • Selected? Good! then you will get a page to fully customize the app as shown below.
  • Simply customize your App by providing the details. If you got any doubts while customizing please click on the watch video button that is on the left side of your screen(Well described in that video)
  • After completing the information you will get your app ready to be tested and downloaded.
  • You have to sign in to appypie using google/facebook or appypie account.
  • You will get a page like this when you signed in. Don't get panic if you are looking to build your App for free. Wait sometimes to get a pop up window like this 
  • Click on the Start Free Plan Now to get your app for free, don't worry you can make payment if you need any time. 
  • After that, you will get a link with QR code to download your App. Just download it and start using/sharing it. That's simple the process is.
Note: If you are planning to use the free version you the App will start showing ads. And to avail the further upgrades your app you should choose any of the plans. Choosing a plan is highly recommended. 

The plans are as coined below.

    • Select any of the plans, And enjoy using the power of Appypie. 

We should develop a mind to go along with advancements in technology. Try to avoid sticking in the traditional way of doing things... Be always updated with the development of technology and one should exploit it to the maximum, that can lead to a number of achievements especially it can reduce the consumption of time on doing a specific activity. The most valuable asset in the world is "Time". 

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