3 Easy Ways to Send Large Files Online [Step By Step Guide]

We are actually living in a digital era. Most of us will have Terabytes of important data in their digital environment, sometimes they have to transfer big files through the internet, This article 3 Easy Ways to Send Large Files Online will help you to facilitates the need
There are lots of methods which can be used to send large files through the internet. You may have to share files online if you and your friend who needs it are far away. Today technology is at the most hilarious level of its journey, so you don't have to panic while playing with it. Let's see the top 3 methods.

Send Large Files Using Google Drive [Reliable Method]

You are may be a regular user of google drive. Did you ever think of sharing files through it rather than storing files in it? Is it possible? then believe the fact that you can actually send large files with the help of google drive. 

You can store up to 15GB of data in your google drive. Let's head and look how this mechanism works for large file transfer.

If you upload a file in Google drive then you will get an option to share the files through a link. If the person who needs the file can download the same with the link that you have provided. If you can store up to 15 GB then it possible to share files below 15GB! isn't 15GB large??? 😉 we are sure that it is. So using Google Drive to send large files will help a lot. And also you can open it for the public so that everyone can be able to download any of your files if they have the link. Let's see, how to do it step by step.

Step 1
Go to Google Drive https://www.google.com/drive you don't have to take an account if you already have a Google account. There are only fewer people who use the internet without Google account. To use Google Drive one must have an account on google.

Step 2
Upload the file that you are wishing to share.

Step 3
After uploading find the file on the drive and click on options as shown below.
Then click on share. Now you can see a link, like shown in the picture just copy it and give that link to the one who you wish access your file. That's it let Google drive handle the rest.

Transfer Big Files Using OneDrive [Upto 5GB Possible]

Now it's time to know about OneDrive. OneDrive is a cloud storage provided by Microsoft. You will be quite familiar with it if you are a regular user of Windows 10. The drawback of using OneDrive over Google Drive is it can store only up to 5 GB for free. Still, 5GB is not as bad. Let's see the steps one by one.

Step 1 
Open OneDrive from the Window explorer if you are using Windows 10. Or you can directly go to the https://onedrive.live.com/ to sign in.

Step 2
You have to sign in to OneDrive with your Microsoft account. If you don't have one, then you should create an account to access OneDrive.

Step 3
Signed in? upload (or copy-paste) your file to the drive. Once you have done uploading then you have to select the file and find share link on the options as shown in the picture.
Now you can share the open link to anyone. Thus you can send large files like your wish. The person who has your link can download the data from your cloud space.

File Sharing Using Other File Transfer Websites [Easy Method]

We have seen two methods till now which can be very effective to fulfill your requirements. Now we are on the last and more easiest step than all. There are lots of websites available on the Internet which is equipped with effective file transfer facilities. Let's head forward to explore a website called WeTransfer for  file sharing.

Can help you to send large files to far distances. The limit is 2GB at a time if you are wishing to use it for free. Else you can use WeTransfer Plus so that you can send up to 20GB and also will get 100GB storage space. 

You don't even have to register on the website to send files. It is the most brighter side of the online utility. In order to send a file:
  • Visit https://wetransfer.com/
  • Add your Files
  • Enter E-mail Address of the recipient
  • Enter your own Email Address
  • Type any Message if required
  • Click Transfer
Done! That simple is the procedure is. 

We have seen 3 methods on this article "3 Easy Ways to Send Large Files Online" You are free to choose any of the above methods to send large files over the internet.

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