Digitize India Platform 404 Page Not Found Error [DIP Site Is Not Working]

Are you getting an error says "404 Page Not Found-the page you requested that not found? It simply indicates that digitize India platform has removed their website from the domain. It will be for further development and maintenance or can be considered as its death. Let's head to more details on Digitize India Platform 404 Page Not Found Error
As of now, after the long maintenance break, when you try to sign in by using the URL https://digitizeindia.gov.in/signin you will be getting a page not found error. At the same time when you try to get into the site, you will be redirected to the CSC Site... 

Do you think DIP is doing good? Do they don't have the responsibility to let their users know what is happening on the site? Why Digitize India Platform behaving like this? why don't they even try to implement transparency in their activities? 

There are also pending balances to deposit in user's account. So they should let users know at least what is happening around transparently. That is their responsibility. No one doesn't have any clearer picture of what is happening on the site. If the administrators wish then they can simply implement some mechanisms like they did before (showing messages about the current status). But the present situation is entirely different. Users will start losing hope in Digitize India Platform because they are not caring users as users do. 

If you are a user of Digitize India Platform, then you will not get any notifications from them. Because they don't have to. And gladly if you try to contact them you will never be able to communicate with them. Then why you have to care such a platform that really don't need you? 

It is true that Digitize India Platform once helped Indian citizen to empower by digitizing the limited documents provided. The efforts on the back of the platform should be admired. India's Honorable Prime Minister Narendra kick-started the initiative with a motive to help India's mass population by giving an opportunity to work from home. The idea was really great. But the platform failed to sustain the flow at the same time forgot about the desires of the users. 

Still, don't lose hope. Our Nation has great potentials. The people who lead India are super powerful and capable of creating and deploying new opportunities. They are working hard to make our Nation developed. You should be always grateful to India.

Jai Hind!


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