Digitize India Platform is Back!

After a long time, after finishing the complete updates Digitize India Platform is back. Now you will not get that maintenance page which has been a huddle for the digital contributors for the past 8 months. 

Now users can be able to sign in to their account and start working on the website. It is possible to request to withdraw points, raise support tokens, and you can do all the tasks that you have been doing before the maintenance. 

Even though the update took more time duration, there we can see zero changes in the appearance. The interface is the same as how it was before. But we can hope that the site has got some updates at the back end system, like bandwidth increase. 

Still, there will be issues regarding the snippet availability. That means you may have to see the popup dialogue mentioned Snippet has been exhausted again. 

Anyways we have got our digitize India platform back. That will be really a pleasant news for the curious digital contributors... let's head to the platform and help the government by digitizing the documents.

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