How to Locate Your Lost Phone [Top Methods to Find Your Lost Phone]

Can you Even think of losing your phone? It will be really hard if we have to face such a situation. Nowadays smartphones are like our family member. We couldn't think of living without them even for a single day. Here we will see how to locate your lost phone. Let's head straight.
What will you do when you lose your phone unexpectedly? Definitely, you will try to ring the phone, right? Yeah... it is really a good try but only applicable to a certain limited extent. Think if you and your phone are too far, then can you identify by ringing the cell phone? 

Like the adage "Prevention is better than cure" we should be always ready to face any unexpected consequences. Finding a phone which hasn't set any anti lost prevention mechanisms can be a little bit tough job. I am not saying you couldn't get back your valuable gadget that is a part of your life still there are lots of ways to find it, but it will be always great if we live organized. 

Let's head to the methods:

Find with the Help of Google [Using Google Play Protect]

Google might help you to figure out your device. For this method you don't have to set up any complicated anti lost precautions if you have your google account signed on your smartphone that's enough. If you lost your phone then use grab any other phone/computer and sign in with your Google account then just type https://android.com/find That's enough then if your lost phone is turned on with a working internet connection you will get the details as shown below.
There you can track where your device is. And also you can do much more things to protect the phone from losing your confidential personal data. Also possible to remotely ring your device to identify if it is near to you, It will ring for 5 minutes at the loudest sound even if it is in silent mode.

There are features like Secure Device & Erase Device both can be used effectively to make your device protected remotely even if you lost it. Secure Device feature facilitates you to set up password protection remotely on your lost device. 

The Erase Data will help to erase all the data on the device. You should do that when you sure that you are not gonna get back your device you can at least hide your personal information.


  • Nothing can be done if there is no internet
  • If the device is turned off then couldn't do anything
  • Only possible with Android devices 


  • If there is a working internet connection, then Google's method is perfect.
  • Can remotely secure the device
  • Can be able to erase data within a click.

Find Using Anti-Lost/Theft Gadgets [More Effective]

You could use small Anti-Lost/Theft GPS Gadgets pre-attached to your device to find it in an effective manner. There are lots of small GPS tracker gadgets are available on Amazon/Flipkart. Buy one and keep it with your smartphone. So you can still find your device even if it is turned off. The inbuilt GPS locator can let you track the exact location to catch the thief. 

  • If the device(GPS Tracker) fails to work or get damaged then the method won't work
  • Couldn't evaluate how long the power in it stay active
  • There are no features like Secure device and erase data.
  • Even if your smartphone is turned off with the help of the gadget you can simply find it
  • The more effective way to find a lost device

That's it. It is better to keep your device safe at your hands. If it is lost you may have to cope with massive tension and other troubles until you get it discovered. Keep your device safe, because its value is more than the worth. 


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How to Locate Your Lost Phone [Top Methods to Find Your Lost Phone]

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