Will Artificial Intelligence Replace the Complete Human Workforce in 2025 & Beyond?

Have you ever thought of IT? The development rate of Artificial Intelligence in almost all corners of the world is vigorously increasing. So do you think will it adversely affect human beings especially in the field of employment? The question highlighted here is somewhat more precious because if we have succeeded in finding the right answer, then we can sit well-organised to welcome the bright future. 
In fact, developments will have both pros and cons irrespective of the fields. But we evaluate the worthiness by measuring which side weighs more. People make developments to turn the pros more fatty right? 😉 so that, it will weigh more. 

Necessity is the key to every invention and updation. when there is a need people start thinking about the ways to fulfil it. So when something is invented to fulfil the need likewise, there will be three categories of people according to the level of benefits that they gain. The first category will be the solution finder and implementer, this category of people benefits more & more than everyone because of the invention. The second category will be those who are dependent on the needs in any manner, they can too avail the benefits in an effective manner. The antagonist people can be included in the third category, they look at everything with negative eyes. This particular category cannot benefits anything and can even have a negative impact on their lives due to the invention.

These categories of people are applicable to AI as well. So we can confidently say that because of the development of Artificial Intelligence there will not be any negative impact on the adaptive society. People can moreover avail benefits of this powerful invention if they have a mindset to learn and collaborate.

Most people are worried about machines. They think that in future the complete human workforce is going to be replaced by machines and it leads to unemployment and uncertainty in the economy. But actually, vice-versa is gonna happen. Think who created the machines? machines itself? no right... so we human beings are capable of creating machines and machines are capable of creating us? No isn't it?

That's it. So nothing can be able to replace human beings because we are not "artificial" we are products of nature. So there is no need to fear. Be ready and happy to welcome all the good developments at the same time be adaptive and be a persistent student. 

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