How to Download Games on JAVA Keypad Mobiles

Do you have a keypad JAVA handset? you may think it is not possible to install anything on it since there is no app store. But if your phone has a java installer then you can download & install various applications/games from external sources. Let's see more detailed. 
We should try to stay happy always right? in order to make it happen, one must have a proper vision on how to use free time wisely. playing games is the best remedial measure to get away from stress. Also, gaming is considered as the best mental exercise to relax and gain more concentration. 

You may have high-end smartphones with different operating systems. But playing in keypad mobiles is often considered as a nostalgic activity. The battery life of these kinds of devices is the highlighted point.


Some manufacturers include an app store, then all the task will become more easy and safe. But when we look to the next side, there you may can't see an app store on many devices. Most of the people think they can't install any additional stuff when they came to know there are is no app market. 

First of all, you have to search for an app called Java Installer or Installer on your device. When you find it then you can proceed through this method and it is sure that you will be successful in making your dream happen. Before moving further just get a clear idea about the resolution of your device. Now follow the steps, please.

  • Search for .jar (format) files on google. or get to the website mobgames (http://mobgames.ws/)
  • Download any games as you wish. Don't forgot to remember your screen resolution while downloading. If your phone isn't compatible with internet connection then download in any other phone and transfer the file through Bluetooth.
  • After receiving the file open java installer then select the file and click install. Done! you are ready to go.
Some files may not be compatible with your device try until you get a compatible game.

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