How to Create an Ecommerce Website Free of Cost [DIY Guide]

Have you ever thought of creating an e-commerce website for boosting sales through the wide online market? The one common thing which is hiding behind all businesses is simply competition. So in order to sustain in a world like this one should be adaptable to accept changes to evolve better in an effective manner. 

I will never say physical retail shops are not a good idea to make some profits, It is always good to have multiple ways to earn. In modern society changes are unavoidable. Think if you are looking to buy something and you are really moving on a busy track, then it may be a heavy burden to get that item by traveling miles to a retail shop. So what will you do? will take the easy way right? Just with the effort of 5 minutes, you can order the item online. 

E-commerce plays a vital role in everyone's day to day life. So let's get ready to exploit the chances. 

Here we are going to see how we can create an e-commerce website completely free of cost. You may be familiar with instant website creating services on the internet like Wix, Shopify, etc... By using any of these services you can be able to create mindblowing websites according to your taste with some clicks. Also, don't need to have any technical knowledge of web developing languages. 

Great, right? but the problem is they will charge a fair amount for all the tasks that you do with the help of their service. If you have enough budget then these will be a great option for you. And if you are on the other side then you are lucky to being here.

Now you may be thinking about:

  • How it is possible to create a website especially an e-commerce website for free of cost?
  • Should I need to have technical knowledge of HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, etc... to do this?
  • Even if I did somehow will it be easy to manage?
These three questions are very important since our article is completely relying upon those. So let's start hunting for answers.

You can build an e-commerce website which is fairly manageable for free of cost without any deep technical knowledge if you go through this article. First of all, you have to obtain a computer with an internet connection. Before going step by step please ensure that you have a google account.

  • Goto Blogger.com Blogger is Google's free blog creating service. Don't get unimpressed by the first sight itself. Yes, we are using blogger to make an attractive e-commerce website. 
  • Sign in with your Google account and create your blog for help please refer to the article How To Create An Attractive Website For Free And Earn Money Using Blogger PART ONE!
  • Say goodbye to the bore themes of the blogger. go to Templatesyard or Goyabee Templates to download the perfect template that will suits well for your E-commerce website.
  • Install the theme on the website and make the needed customization to it.
  • Now time to upload products. Upload images and give necessary details as in our E-commerce website SmartMobCorner Tech Gadgets
  • Let's integrate a payment gateway. Get an account on PayPal and create Buy Now buttons or add to cart buttons with ease and paste the HTML code to your post you can collect address from the customers with the help of PayPal itself.
  • For cash on delivery, use google forms or any other forms and enable email notifications. So you will get notified when someone orders any products from you.
Now you are all set to launch your website. All the best! For more queries don't feel bad to comment down, we are sitting curiously here to help.

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