How to Play Old JAVA Games on Android

Do you like to go back to the past to grasp more bright memories? if so, one of the easy ways will be playing what you have played earlier again right? So let's see how to play old java games on android.

Today we are only having smartphones. Sometimes we'll wish if we could get a keypad phone we can able to play some of the nostalgic games. In order to fulfill the wish, there are only two ways: To buy a new keypad phone or get old mysterious games on your android phone itself. Now through which way you will go? probably through second right?

Yeah! It is not a big deal just with the help of one app and with little googling you can be able to play your loved games on your android. Let's head-on.

  • Open Playstore and download J2ME Loader 
  • Now open google and search for .jar files.
 After downloading just open J2ME loader and select the file and choose the resolution and start playing! it will also support touch inputs. Good luck!

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