Call Of Duty Mobile Server Issue [Explained]

All the COD lovers were waiting for the release of its new mobile battle royale for the past few months. Yesterday morning Call of Duty Mobile has been released officially. But now players are facing issues while starting the game. Let's go in detailed.

Now, most of the people can't move a little bit from loading. It is always saying preparing for updates. Activision has said that there is a minor issue and they will solve it as soon as possible.

The problem behind the issue isn't disclosed officially but we can assume that it can be because of the server bandwidth issues. What can you get from this? Simple, right? Fans are really curious about the game... Within 1day the number of downloads got over 1M. Great! Right...

So all what we need is a little patience. May be the issue will be solved within a few hours... Or at max one day. Activision knows that we all are so much excited to welcome Call Of Duty Mobile, so they won't let us disappointed for long. ghfg 

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