How to Convert Text to Voice Using Notepad [Without Downloading any Application]

Most people prefer to listen more than reading, If suppose you have to read an essay consists of 1000 words and your eyes are really stressed after 9 hours long work in front of a computer, It will be a miserable task for you right? In this article we'll see how to convert text to voice using notepad.

So we have to tackle the above mentioned scenario, hm?. It will be better if there is someone who can read it out for you right? So that you can close your eyes and relax while listening to it... But who will read? Your computer? Is that possible? Yes. Let's see how to do it...

We use windows notepad only for writing, have you ever thought can it do beyond the writing job? It will be definitely going to be a wonder for you if you are going to see this trick for the first time. Please follow the steps to convert text in to voice.

  • Open Notepad, and type as it is.
       Dim message, sapi
       message=InputBox("What do you want me
       to read?","Speak to me")
       Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
       sapi.Speak message

Now save the file with .vbs extension, All ready to go... Open it and give text on the dialogue box, your computer will read it loud for you. Done!

Now you can close your eyes and listen  the voice carefully... Please don't sleep 🤣

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