How to use OLX as a Perfect Marketing Platform for E-commerce

I hope most of the people are familiar with OLX(an online marketplace headquartered in Amsterdam) you will get to know how to use OLX as a perfect marketplace for e-commerce by going through this article. Let's get straight.

Making an e-commerce website and uploading some products alone won't help to boost sales. We may need to use different marketing platforms in order to sustain in a competitive world like this. Why people should buy from you if there are established and trusted e-commerce stores already available? for example, if your brand/store name is "somebrand" do you think people will directly search your store name in google or they will search for Amazon or Flipkart? If you have just started, no one except your friends or family will search it right?

It's really difficult to highlight a brand/store name in the minds of people. As we always say "nothing is impossible" we can make people remember your brand/store name by working on different marketplaces. 

So before getting to detail, there is a chance for a question, why we should use OLX even if there are quite a decent number of other marketing platforms are there? Yes, it's true that there are good marketplaces like Facebook marketplace, quicker, etc.. are available to use. OLX stays highlighted because we'll get nearby customers thus we can reduce the burden of transportation through courier or bla bla bla... Means both customer and business can save some money that's used for shipping charges.

We'll also discuss some techniques to ensure smooth and continues flow of sales through olx. Let's see point by point.

Create an OLX Account

First of all, visit the website official OLX website or download the app and create an account there. It's pretty easy to create an account, you can use your email address/phone number to create it.

Start Listing your Products

Once your account is created you can start listing your products on the spot. And be accurate while giving the category of your product. For example, if you want to sell an earphone you should list it in Mobiles > Mobile accessories category. Else there are chances for rejection of your ad after review.

Quick Response 

Respond as fast as you can when any person messages you regarding the ad. It's proven that the faster you act the better the deal will be. So be quick and answer all their queries.

Ask Contact Information

When you got a customer after answering all their queries ask for their contact information like phone number, email address, etc... More and more details can be disclosed through a direct chat over a call. And also you can use the details for reverse marketing.

Overcome the limitation of OLX

There are some limitations of using olx like you can post only two ads for the mobile category per month. In other categories also there are limitations like this. You can pay and use as much as you want but if you are a starter and you don't have that much money to spend, then you can tell all your family members/friends to install the olx app and list the ads for you. For example, if you have 4 members in your family if 5 accounts made including your account 5x2 = 10 ads you can post in the mobiles category per month. And the math goes according to the count applicable to other categories.

Paid advertisements are also a good way to make sales but in order to reach up to that level, means in order to make the potentials to create ad campaigns we may need to work like in a manner that we have discussed above.

Hope the article helps. Thank you ☺️

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