Smartphone TV Magnifier Worthy or Not?

Have you ever thought of watching a movie on a smartphone with the help of a magnifier? Or ever dreamed of buying a magnifier like a traditional retro TV and put your phone inside it to go back in time? You are at the right place, in this article, we will see a smartphone TV Magnifier Worthy or Not?

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All products have their own purposes and uniqueness. It's applicable to our smartphone tv magnifier as well. First of all, we need to understand why people think it will be better if they could buy a smartphone tv Magnifier. Simply they can magnify their phone screen right? Thus they will be able to reduce eye strain when they watch videos with the help magnifier since the screen will become a little bigger than the usual smartphone screen.

The second reason may be, some people like to go past their lives. Since we haven't implemented time machines yet there is no other way except to create an environment like the old days by bringing home the antique products which are easily available over the market. 

These days getting an antique retro television is not as simple as we think. Even if we managed to buy it, as you know we can only keep it on display but can't use it. So the next idea to make it working is buying a retro smartphone tv magnifier 

It will be really interesting if some guests visit your home and see a retro tv working in front of them right? They will be amazed for a couple of minutes before they get to about the real culprit inside it ;) 

You don't have to buy a separate mobile holder or mobile stand to hold your smartphone while watching a movie with the help of a smartphone tv magnifier. If you are watching a movie by holding it in your hand for hours may result in falling down from your hand. So this possibility can be minimized if you use a smartphone screen magnifier.

Have covered most of the advantages of using a smartphone tv magnifier, and if we missed anything, feel free to comment on it we will value your comment and update the content. And now it's time to see the disadvantages of using it.

Clarity: we can't expect that we will get the same clarity of the mobile screen when we watch through a screen magnifier.

Sound: There are chances for a reduction in volume since you are putting your phone inside a box. Even if it has holes or anything it will not be suitable for all mobiles and may affect the flow of sound waves. This issue can be solved if you use a Bluetooth speaker. So that you can keep the speaker outside.

Controls: It will be hard to control your phone. Suppose if you want to skip a video you may have to take the phone out and skip then you have to insert it again. So need to repeat these steps for all such actions right?. But for this also we have solutions. These days all smartphones support OTG either type C or normal. So it is possible to connect a computer mouse to your phone and keep it outside. So this issue also can be solved.

Attend Phone Calls: If your device is inside a box(Screen Magnifier) you will not able to attend urgent phone calls quickly. So, as we said keeping a Bluetooth speaker with a call function outside it can help.

So we have seen the pros and cons of a smartphone tv magnifier. And it's entirely up to you to decide whether you should get one or not. Anyway as a conclusion we can say that It's okay to get one.

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