Top 5 Rugged/Military Grade Laptops

Rugged laptops can withstand almost all hazards like water, dust, shock, etc... The primary objective of the designers of this model is, it should be durable and have the power to tackle the above-mentioned factors which can cause damage to the laptop. In this article, we will see more details of the Top 5 Rugged/Military Grade Laptops.

Mostly these kinds of laptops are used in extreme conditions like a war. Suppose think if a soldier is carrying a normal laptop with the most relevant information of their enemy, suddenly a fire happened and the soldier doesn't have another way than jumping to a nearby river with his laptop bag. You can think right? laptop will be damaged surely and all the data will be lost. Here comes the importance of rugged laptops.

In the above scenario, if they used a rugged laptop instead of a normal one all the data should have been saved. Let's go straight and see models one by one.

1. Panasonic Toughbook 55

The Toughbook model is a very popular model from the brand Panasonic. It is equipped with an extremely bright display to operate smoothly when using in an outside environment. As compared to other these kinds of laptops Toughbook is easy to carry because of its unique design. Another major highlight is, it is possible to easily take out all the components of the laptop. It is also equipped with a big battery so long battery life can be expected at the same time the company has given a stylus as well to make the controls a lot easier. 

2. Getac B360

One of the greatest rugged laptops. It has also a bright screen with an HD display. It has dual batteries(swappable) to use in emergency situations, So better battery life can be expected. An accidental 3-year warranty is included. All ports have securely covered no need to doubt the durability.

3. Dell Latitude 7424

Latitude 7424 is a popular model from dell. It is really powerful and hard as hulk ;) It is also equipped with great battery life and a bright screen. Also, all the components are really safe and secured inside the compartment so no hazards can break it.

4. Durabook S15AB

One of the Strongest laptops. Equipped with a large screen, a comfortable keyboard, high storage capacity, It's really affordable and covers a 3-year warranty.

5. Acer Enduro N3 

It is semi-rugged and thinnest among similar laptops. It can resist water, drop, dust. Good battery life and low priced.

If you are a common guy who wishes to take your laptops at home/offices only then you are not the right person for the rugged laptops. If you like adventure and spend most of the time outside in extreme conditions then the best choice is to choose one of the rugged laptops instead of a normal laptop.

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