Acer Laptop Keeps Freezing, Not Responding Issue [Resolved]

Your laptop keeps freezing/hanging? the only way that you can do is to hard shutdown the system by pressing the power key? and again after some time, the freeze reappear? No need to worry we will see the possible solutions for Acer Laptop Keeps Freezing, Not Responding Issue. 

I also personally have one Acer Aspire E5 575g laptop. After 4 years of use, it has started behaving unusual, one day I was doing an important task, suddenly the laptop got completely stuck and grains and pretty wonderful designs displayed on the screen. At first, I thought something happened to its display, but after some time I confirmed that the full system got stuck. The only thing I can do was to hard turn off the laptop with a long press on the power button.

Yes, for the time being, it can turn off the laptop and can run away from the freeze but no use. Day by day the condition started worsening. sometimes laptop hangs on startup, sometimes laptop hangs frequently while using... It is true that hard shutdown is directly proportional to the increased risk of hard disk damage. So on every hard shutdown, we are risking our hard drive health. 

So have started looking for solutions, like you, I have also searched on google about "Acer Laptop Keeps Freezing, Not Responding Issue" and gone through many forms, gone through the many solutions available, but no use even I had disabled the processer drives 😅 by reading so from a form. Nothing worked. The only thing I was able to see at last was the beautiful grain designs in my display.

I was not able to distinguish if it was a hardware issue or a software issue. But 70% I thought it is something related to hardware only. And started analyzing again and again. After 1 week I have found the real culprit behind the issue. Nonother than the RAM. 

Yes, actually my laptop has only 4GB RAM so expanded it by adding one more 4GB DDR4 RAM to it, but this happened long back 4 years at the same time when I bought the laptop. Till the time there were no issues at all and was running smoothly.

So I removed one RAM and tested, the issue got solved actually, and found that one of the RAM was the real Villian. 

So here in this case the freeze issue was because of the faulty RAM but, we can't predict that for all the cases it will be because of the faulty RAM. Firstly need to do a thorough analysis and find what is the route cause.. Some freezes can occur due to underlying software issues as well and in some cases, the Villian will be the drives.

If you don't have so much time then it will be better to seek advice from the hardware experts. 

Hope it helps. If this doesn't solve your problem then feel free to comment on your issues we will be really pleased to help you out.

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