How Should the Photos in Realme Phone be Deleted Permanently?

Most of the realme users ask the question, how should the photos in realme phone be deleted permanently. So here we have a pretty forward answer. Once you delete it will go to the recently deleted files. Now get straight to the gallery > album > recently deleted select required files and delete! that's it.

If this method didn't work (since different models have different mechanisms) then you may have to find actually where the files are going. Think from the computer recycle bin perspective, like the same can be applicable to the mini devices as well. So be sure to check such folders and delete the files from there.

Manufactures setting these features to avoid any data loss by mistake. Some people see it as an annoying thing, but their data will be safe. Also if they don't want they have the option to delete it as well. Many companies promise that they can recover all the data but among those only a few percent of scenarios will be genuine and effective.

If you are not able to find the recycle bin of your phone please feel free to comment your phone's model below. we will check and will let you if it is available.

Hope it helps :) 

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