How to Play Sims 3 Old Java Phone Games on Android

It will be really great if you can go back in time right? golden childhood days, evershine tasks performed during those days if came back then how likely it will be. Since we haven't invented time machines yet, the only way that we can do is to simulate the olden days... By going through this article we'll see How to Play Sims 3 Old Java Phone Games on Android.

Even if we get more advanced games in android it's really nostalgic to play the old games. So do you think we can download those from play store directly? No right! Only android apk can be installed on our phones...

Now we need a tool to use it. You can name whatever you wish like App, emulator, etc... Please go through the steps below

> Open Playstore and download J2ME Loader - Download
> You can searh for .jar files which will be used in you java phones.. so please use google to search such files. In this case we are going to download Sims 3 right ? You can download it from here - Download (by choosing the resolution you want)
> Now open the J2ME loader and start playing it. Yes! thw old days are back. :)

Be happy. Please feep free to comment down below In case of any issues or concerns.

Hope it helps. Thanks for being here.

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