How to use Facebook Marketplace as a Perfect Marketing Partner.

These days we all are at home, governments are putting restrictions on us by considering our safety and public interest. Ecommerce strength has increased strategically because people will not be able to go out and buy all the kinds of stuff they want. Instead of going out within some easy clicks and as of their convenience the things will be delivered to their home by the ecom enablers. So there is a great opportunity available out there. What we have to do is to only use the opportunity wisely will help you to understand How to use Facebook Marketplace as a Perfect Marketing Partner.

So as a common trend whenever we have some time we will like to spend it on social media right? so there opens the door for opportunities... With wise utilization, we can cultivate a lot of benefits from it. So first of all we even most of the people know about the Facebook marketplace we will describe it shortly for those who dont know. 

Facebook marketplace as the name suggests, it is a marketplace, in a more specific way it is a virtual market where people can search for different kinds of goods and buy. Also from the seller's perspective, they can list their products and people will get to know about your business and products and you will start getting orders. Hats off to Facebook since all these features facebook provides for free. means you can list as many products as you want there are no restrictions at all.

And when you compare it with other similar feature providing business, say OLX there we have restrictions like the sellers can only post 1-2 items in a category and they have to wait for one month or so to make other listings, So while comparing with these all things the Facebook marketplace is really a blessing for the sellers. Now let's see how to use the Facebook marketplace wisely to get more customers

  • Just listing the item and setting free won't help much in achieving your goal. Gather as much as proactiveness you can and wait for the messages from the buyers with curiosity. Respond to the customer as soon as possible since time has a great importance while making a business deal. Also, be sure to answer all of their questions in the right manner and let the customer decide the rest
  • There are lots of buy/sell groups available on Facebook, so you can join all the groups, especially the groups nearby your locations and you can post the item in the group also while listing it on the marketplace. You don't have to take any extra effort to post it on the group separately, just checking a box that corresponds to the group will add the listing to the group along with listing it on the marketplace.
  • If possible try to get the Customer's phone number, once you got the number then you can call the customer directly and speak to them with more clarity. Also, the number will help you in making future deals as well. With all the numbers you get, you can create a broadcast list like an email list and you can send out the new product releases and offers to your clients.
  • While listing the item on the marketplace be sure to upload the best picture possible that will attract the customers. The first impression is the best impression, right? so be sure to get that first then through your skills and responses over the chat you will eventually make a deal.
  • The next and last point we have to highlight is, if you have a website like an e-commerce store please feel free to give the website link together with the listing description details. And most of the customers like to order directly by checking the information on the website. So if you have a good website then you can give your website link while chatting with your customers that will help a lot in saving your precious time.

That's it, hope it helps :) Thanks for reading!

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