Is There any Smartphone Without Camera?

The question sounds crazy right? Have you ever thought of a smartphone without a camera? Well as long you don't have such requirements then you will never think of it right? But in viseversa case you will be glad if you came to know about it. By going through this article you will came to know answer for "Is There any Smartphone Without Camera?"

Before going straight to the answer let's check why should someone buy one smartphone without a camera? A phone can be still smart smart without a camera? I have seen many keypad phones without camera but the use is different, only calls and msgs and some basic things like alarm, calendar, calculator, etc.. will work in those models.

So here the scenario is little bit different since we have to use all the apps that can be only used in a smartphone eg: WhatsApp (a basic phone will not support WhatsApp messenger).

So there is a chance for a question why should you need a smartphone without a camera? Yes, the question cannot be answered in one line because different people will have different reason. But will attempt to answer it with an example.

Think if your workspace doesn't allow you to take your phone in if you have camera in it because of several privacy or security reasons, but still you have to use different critical apps for personal/business purposes. Then you will eventually start searching about these kinds of phones.

So time to answer the question. Is there any smartphone without camera? The answer is pretty simple, Yes. Then people will trigger the next question if so then which smartphone is built without a camera? There are number of smartphones available without camera but we would like to stick with one good model that's INO 5.

Now you will be curious to know more about the camera specifications of the phone right? Hhoo.. sorry wait. What I am saying. ;) No this smartphone don't have a camera so no camera specifications available. But now we will see the some other important specifications.

OS: Android 6
Battery: 2350m
Sim card: dual - 4G , 2G
Display: 5.5inch
Processor: MT 6735, QUAD CORE ,64 bit
Camera: No! :)

That's it, hope it helps :) feel free to comment if you have any doubts.

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