The First Artificial Heart Transplantation and Details of Invention

The heart is one of the important organs in the human body right? when it decides not to Work or when it plans to go on strike then, we can imagine what will happen next right? 
Other body parts like eyes, hands, legs, etc... gets time to self-repair when you sleep but your heart will not get a chance to rest until you die. So once you are born or even before your birth also heart starts its function. 

Due to some serious medical conditions, some people face heart failure. If there are no other ways then doctors will recommend transplanting the heart, the natural heart will be always the best choice, but due to the unavailability of donors or due to any other reasons if the natural heart is not received then the only way will be implanting an artificial heart right?

So here in this article, we will see the story. behind the Invention of the artificial heart and details of the first artificial heart transplantation.

Paul Winchell designed an artificial heart Prototype with help of Dr Henry Heimlich (inventor of the Heimlich maneuver) and he received the Patent rights in 1963. Later Winchell allowed Robert Jarvik and others in the University of Utah to use his design to build the artificial heart. Jarvik introduced an ovoid-shaped artificial heart called Jarvik-7 and on December 2, 1982, the first artificial heart is implanted in a retired dentist Dr Barney Clark by Dr Willem DeVries, he survived around 4 months with the help of the device.

Now the technology advanced a lot and the projected life span of an artificial heart is expected to be 5 years.

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