How to Use a Touchscreen Damaged Smartphone [Solved]

Your touch screen is not working? but your display is good? Want to use your phone without the touch input? You are at the right place. By going through the article you will be able to understand how to use a touchscreen damaged smartphone without touch input.

These days phones are really important, smartphones acting as a great life companion for most of us. So when any sudden misfortune events happen it can influence our day to day activities to a large extent. Think of a situation where you have to send and a file urgently to someone. You suddenly dropped your phone and damaged the touch screen, but still, the display is working and you are able to see everything clearly. 

The only issue you are facing now is you are not able to give touch inputs. But at the same time you don't have enough time to reach the service center and repair it since you have to send the file stored in your device urgently. 

Here OTG Cables comes to play like a lifesaver. If you have one OTG cable and a normal Computer Mouse you are good to go. Just connect your mouse to your phone with the help of an OTG cable and control it easily. Simple isn't it!.

We recommend once everything is set(urgency is met) then please visit the service center as soon as possible, since you will not be able to use this possibility every time since your mobile is mobile ;) mobility restrictions will be there if you plan not to repair your touch screen. (you will not be able to carry a mouse all the time with your smartphone). 

Till the issue of your phone gets resolved you can put your sim card in a different phone so you will not miss important calls.

That's it! hope it helps.

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