When Majority of the Students Don't Have Smartphones and Computers at Home is it Justice to Do Online Classes? [Poll]

Covid transformed people's livelihood to a large extend. No one ever thought of such a situation that we are currently facing. Masks, isolation, lockdown, vaccine, sanitizer, etc.. are the common words that we are hearing daily. There is a chance for a question When the majority of the students don't have smartphones and computers at home is it justice to do online classes?. 

Kindly participate in the poll and view the results instantly.

In my personal opinion, it's better to have at least something than nothing. It is true that children will miss their school, their friends, quality of education, etc... but we human beings are so adaptable to the changes, so in order to tackle all the obstacles and accelerate strongly, we may have to wait for some time.

So if students are not able to go to the schools then at least they can learn lessons remotely, for that if they don't have the facilities, then the respective schools can implement innovative ideas like smartphone library so that the students who don't have a smartphone can take it for some time like taking a book from the library and they can return it when the need is met.

Also, the government is arranging classeses through television (like Victors TV Channel) So students can take advantage of those means as well.

Anyway, the poll is open for your opinion, and let's see the results.

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