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The possibilities are endless, especially in a world completely loaded with technology. "Technology makes man powerful" this is a fact at the same time true itself. Gaining knowledge is the most important step towards success in life. Within a view to provide some knowledge about the present technologies, SmartMobCorner founded on 05-October-2015. Everyone can simply grasp knowledge from here, and also you can expect a unique presentation. Welcome.  
                                             - Vyas Nair



  1. Hi Vyas.This is Vivek.Your channel looks great as I have seen some of your videos.Vyas do make a video on Tablet PCs.I am planning to buy one and am confused since there are a lot available in market today.I prefer Samsung.Or is there any other good tablet pcs other than Samsung.Pls do reply.Thank u!!

  2. With pleasure Vivek, Stay tuned..... Thanks